Timetable 2020-21

The studio is being prepared for classes to resume. Fall classes will start on September 28th, 2020. See the 2020-21 schedule here.  

The health and safety our staff, students and families at the studio are of the utmost importance to us. 

New Covid-19 protocols are being incorporated at the studio. See an overview of the policies and procedures here.

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Dance Styles

In the list below, ages are suggested for each style of dance. For example; Ballet 8,9 is for dancers that are 8 or 9 years old.  Your child will be placed in a class according to their age, skill level and experience. The final decision about placement is made by the studio director.

Twirling Tots – age 3
This program will introduce your child to the basics in dance.  They will learn movement through story, music and rhythms.  This class is based on ballet and creative movement.

Ballet – ages 4 +
Based on Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.  Ballet is the basis of all dance forms.  Benefits include the development of good posture and self-discipline while learning technique and musicality.

Jazz – ages 4 +
Jazz is a fun, energetic style of dance. It focuses on proper technique, flexibility, strength and rhythm.

Tap – ages 5 +
An energetic, aerobic dance style where students learn rhythm, style and technique.  If your child wants to be loud, this is the class for them!

Hip Hop – ages 5 +
High energy aerobic class done to today’s popular music.  Class consists of a warm up, stretching and toning, traveling combination and choreography.  All music is age appropriate.

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo – ages 5-8
A mix of Jazz and Hip Hop styles combined to give your child a feel for both styles. It will be a high energy class with a warm up, jazz and hip hop technique and the recital piece will be a mix of both styles.  All music is age appropriate.

Musical Theatre – ages 8 + (What is Musical Theatre?)
This jazz based class is a mix of lip syncing, dancing and acting. If you like to sing and dance around the living room while watching your movies, this is the class for you. It’s recommended that you also take a jazz technique class if you’d like to do competitive musical theatre.

Lyrical/Contemporary – ages 8 +
A combination of technical training with contemporary modern movement, as well as using ballet and jazz technique to teach dancers to communicate emotion through lyrics.

Acro – ages 6 +
Acro is a discipline specializing in strength and flexibility, with attention to focus and control over your entire body.  Students will learn gymnastics foundations along with jazz technique in this class. It is encouraged that dancers taking acro also take a Jazz class if they are interested in competing in Acro in the future.