We are proud to share the biographies of the director and her staff from A Frost Dance Experience.
  • Andrea Frost

    Andrea Frost

    Miss Frost designed A Frost Dance Experience to cultivate a positive environment for her students...
  • Elizabeth Roy

    Elizabeth Roy

    Ms. Elizabeth (Roy) Vitarelli started her dance training at the Academy of Dance in Peterborough at...
  • Vada Marvin

    Vada Marvin

    Miss Marvin began dancing when she was just two years old and knew that she wanted to...
  • Karli Krumins

    Karli Krumins

    Miss Krumins began her dance training at the age of eight in Jazz.
  • M. Goodman

    M. Goodman

    Mrs. Moriah Goodman started dancing when she was six years old, training in Ballet, Jazz, Pointe,...
  • C. McPolland

    C. McPolland

    Chelsea McPolland has over four years of studio instruction experience, teaching a variety of...
  • R. Hawthorne

    R. Hawthorne

    Miss Hawthorne is very excited about teaching this year! She has danced at A Frost Dance...
  • Kimberly Wilson

    Kimberly Wilson

    Mrs. Wilson is excited to pass on her positive energy and knowledge of jazz, lyrical, acro,...