Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?: Our studio is located at 184 Marina Blvd, in the Northcrest Plaza. We have ample parking and two entrances into the plaza. One from Marina Blvd and one from Hilliard Street.

How long does your season run?: Our season runs from September to June, we accept registrations until the beginning of December for most classes. Recital costumes are ordered in December, so new students cannot be accepted after that time.

What styles of dance do you offer?:  We have accomplished instructors in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro and other genres of dance.

How are students grouped in classes?: Primarily by age, but we also look at experience. It’s not unusual to have a younger dancer, perhaps age 8, dancing with a group of 10 year-olds, if their technique is at the same level.

What are the students working towards?: We have a recital at the end of our season each year. Each recreational class gets on stage for their piece. Throughout the year we are working on technique and learning (moves), and once January comes around we start choreographing their dance for the show.

What do I pack in my child’s dance bag?: Your child should have extra hair elastics, proper tights and shoes for their class. A dancer should have water that can be brought into the classroom, or a dollar to purchase a water bottle from the studio. A peanut free, banana free snack if they have more than one class in the evening. We ask that only water is sent into the studio as it is much easier to clean up than sports drinks. To see our Dress Code, please click here.

What are your studio values?: At A Frost Dance Experience we believe that by providing a safe and happy environment for our students we are enabling each student to maximize his or her potential.Our staff is made up of caring, knowledgeable and talented individuals. We have the utmost respect for our students and work to instill a passion for dance in everyone who walks through our doors. One of our most important goals is to assist our students in building self-esteem and creating a positive self-image. We strive to reinforce and celebrate our individual and collective successes as people and as dancers. At A Frost Dance Experience we work as a family to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where both students and their families feel they belong.

How are you different than other studios?: Our commitment to small class sizes creates an environment that allows our instructors the opportunity to get to know each child individually. In this way we can ensure that each student will benefit by learning in a comfortable setting and will be able to strengthen and mature at their own pace. We also have an Intermediate or Senior Assistant in all of our mini and Junior classes. They are great role models and they help our teachers keep the classroom running smoothly and assist with any students that need that little bit of extra attention. All of our costuming and music is age appropriate. At recital time our students are in bodysuits or biketards without exposing their midriffs. You may call us conservative, but I think our dancing speaks for itself.

What is Recital Picture Day?: We run picture day, usually on the last Sunday in April. We arrange a picture time for all of our classes. Students are there for about twenty minutes in full costume for each class. There is a class photo, and individual pose. The purchase of photos is optional.

Is there a Recital?: We run two shows at recital time. Both shows are the same and are presented on two consecutive afternoons so that the students get a chance to perform twice, and family gets two opportunities to attend. We try to run our recital at a local high school. Tickets are under $15. Recital costume fees are $70 plus HST. We have volunteers backstage keeping our students calm and distracted before they go on stage. Dress rehearsals are run during the week of recital. Students are only required to be there when it’s their time to dance.

Do you have a payment plan?: Our most popular payment option is to pay monthly from September to May (9 equal monthly payments). We take payments by credit card, cash, cheque and pre authorized direct debit. We can also arrange payments in a way that suits you and your family. If you pay for your season in one payment by the end of September 2019, with cash or cheque you receive a 5% discount, by credit card you receive a 3% discount.