Studio Announcement

As you are aware, dance classes have been postponed due to Covid-19. In the interim, we are offering access to some online classes to our registered students. If you are a registered student, please contact us for access to our online classes. Call the studio at (705) 740-0002 or email

Why should we dance?

Dance, as an art form has been passed on from dancer to dancer for hundreds of years. You can contribute to the history of one of the classical arts by becoming  a dancer. You also take advantage of many benefits that dance can give you. While dancing you become more aware of your body. As a result you have better posture and build better and stronger muscles.


Ballet and beautiful are almost synonyms. The graceful lines, the music, the choreography and the flow of body and music are the essence of beauty itself. Dance requires you to multi-task like never before. New steps, new movements and new performances all need to be learned at the same time. This will improve your memory and concentration skills like nothing else.


Many of us are not being challenged in our daily lives. Dance is a challenge. Ballet, although it appears to be easy, is one of the hardest dance forms. The sense of achievement that you feel after a good performance cannot be matched.


Dance is like meditation on the move. While performing you can leave behind your “to-do list” and cares of the day. For the time you are in the studio anyway.


You must dance. Life and health demands it.